Wednesday, July 15, 2009

why cant i be happy?

it's been 2 months since my last entry. what happened in the last 2 months you asked me? well, where do i start? more drama added to the family with our eldest decided to come home after her m.i.a for nearly 9 months, sisters reconciliation, bad planning, arguments, bad business decision and oh, did i mention that i got married? i didnt? well, it must have slipped my mind

too many things happened this past 2 mths that my marriage seems irrelevant somehow. i 've long realized that i cant be at 2 places at the same time but some people dont get it.. yet. nope... not even after 30 years. not at this lifetime. haha. I can't control the situasion and do damage control at the same time. i can't be a shoulder to cry on when i desperately in need of a shoulder to cry on. i can't be the planner when there is so many things to plan on. i can't be strong at all time..

i am me. i am me.................

sometimes i just needed people to see that. not the strongheaded daughter that they come to rely everything on. not the levelheaded sister that giving her shoulder to cry on and for your damage control solution. not the partner that taking everything on a stride. not the peacemaker that i've become...

words..... sometimes they do more wonders than we think..

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  1. just bear with it and do whatever you can do not you're force to do ... hehehe just like you said i am me and just be yourself, period.