Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You Smelled Of Perfume......

While I'm staying in a hotel in PJ last week, i was going through all the available channels when i stumbled upon a Jude Law movie titled Breaking and Entering. The story revolved around him (of course) and his twisted love story(ies). He was in a relationship with a single mom when out in a blue he suddenly got involved with a young thief's mother.

Please be informed that this young thief managed to break through his office security system twice and both time managed to escape with the bounties.
In his effort to show the young thief the right path in life, he fall for his mom instead. He slept with her and later come home to his partner; the single mom. What interest me is the conversation they have when he arrived home later that night.

( M- stand for man and F stand for female.)

F - You smelled of perfume.
M - I don't know how i got it.
F - I also don't know how you get it.
M - I love you.
F - Is that an answer?
M - I don't know how to talk to you. It is as if I'm talking to a glass. You're inside that glass looking at me but you can't hear me.


Kudos to the writer(s?) for the excellent script! I just love it when the man using first endearments to get him out of the sticky situation and later using guilt when the first attempt doesn't work. And I'm not that surprised when later the man again used the guilt factor to his already 5 years (?) life partner to get him out of the relationship.

Along the storyline, it was made known to the viewers that the woman still not comfortable of letting her daughter called him 'daddy' for fear that he wouldn't stay that long in their life and only will caused misery and disappointment to both of them even after so many years together. By doing so, the man accused her for fear in commitment. Obviously he's using this excuse for his cheating way. But as expected, the woman always be the one who popped the do-u-still-love-me question and this is what transpired between them.

F - Between you and me, is it a long way right now?
M - Yeah, i feel that it is a long, long way right now. If i can, i want to go back and undo it.
F - How far back you want to undo?
M - ..........(silence)


I never finished watching the movie. Maybe i should watch it just to satisfy my curiosity of the ending and the whole story plot but for now I'm content with this knowledge.. Haha.

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  1. itula kak keji sangat ni, mo ada complete set ya ni. hohoho murah2